How To Win It Big In Online Roulette: Part Two

How To Win It Big In Online Roulette: Part Two

We’ve explained in the previous part of this article that roulette is one of the most popular games in the gambling industry. And because of this, there was no way the online casino sites would not include Roulette in their gambling menu.

Thanks to this, a lot of people can now get access to the game without leaving their homes. But now the question is how can they including you can win it big in roulette.

In this second part, you’re going to learn about 5 more tips you need to know to get an unfair advantage.

So, let’s dive in…

1. Increase Your Chances Inside

In the previous article, we recommended that you should be playing on the outside to have more chances of winning. But if you really want to play on the inside and bet on numbers, then don’t forget that you don’t have to stick to just one number.

If you can put your roulette chips on the right parts of the table, then you can be eligible to play on multiple different numbers. And you’ll get to do all of this with one single bet.

The payout might not be as grand as winning the bet on a single number, but because of the added risk, you’ll surely pocket more money than playing on the outside.

2. Use An Online Roulette Betting Strategy

How To Win It Big In Online Roulette: Part Two
How To Win It Big In Online Roulette: Part Two

Although there is no set rule when it comes to the online roulette world, you should follow a certain strategy of betting if you want to win consistently.

And all the big players in this online gambling scene use different strategies to maximize their gross profit or at least the amount of total winnings. For example, some suggest that you should decrease the total monetary value of your bet after you win and others believe in the other way around.

3. Look At The Wheel

Well, you can’t observe the wheel online as you did in a brick-and-mortar casino. That’s the cold-hard truth. But you shouldn’t really give up just yet. One thing you can do is watch the wheel spinning for a long long time and figure out if it has some special kind of pattern. It’s unlikely to find one though. But if you do, then that can be your gateway to the riches.

4. Play Multiplayer Online Roulette

How To Win It Big In Online Roulette: Part Two
How To Win It Big In Online Roulette: Part Two

Just because you’re playing online from your home, it doesn’t mean that you have to play all alone. Sure, you can be a master strategist. But when you collaborate with other players, you really get to learn those out-of-the-world strategies you wouldn’t be able to come up with alone.

Yes, even in the multiplayer mode, you would have to play against the house. However, you’ll play with other players observing their moves which can help you come up with a winning strategy.

5. Keep Some of Your Profit On The Side

When you do win some amount of money, make sure to keep a specific portion of this money out of the game. You may win three spins back to back, but if you bet all your money in the next spin and lose, winning really won’t mean anything.

So, keep a small amount of your money aside and don’t use it. This way, you’ll at least have some revenue.

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