4 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Casino World

4 Facts You Didn't Know About The Casino World

Although people have been gambling from the very early of the first human civilization, the arrival of the casino made a huge impact on what gambling today is.

Just because of its very nature, there are several myths and legends around the casinos that will definitely blow your mind. In fact, thanks to the casinos, we can have sandwiches and a nice and fast shipping company today.

In this article, you’re going to learn about the 4 facts you probably don’t know about the casino world.

So, let’s dive in.

FedEx Was Saved By A Casino

4 Facts You Didn't Know About The Casino World
4 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Casino World

Gambling has been depicted as a negative thing throughout different regions. But sometimes, they can be your savior, too. And one of those inspiring stories is about none but the founder of FedEx himself.

Back in 1973, the FedEx had only $5,000 remaining to run the company before new funding arrives. But that’s not nearly enough. Seeing no other resolution in front of his eyes, FedEx founder took all this money, flew to Las Vegas, and risked it all in gambling.

Fortunately, he also won $27,000 in blackjack that gave his company enough life-support to stay afloat before new funding of $11 million hits their way.

No Gambling For Monaco Citizens In Monte Carlo

If there is one casino that every gambler dreams to go and gamble, then it has to be none other than Monte Carlo. This amazing casino of Monaco is a symbol of excellence. People even say that it is the actual paradise in birth.

But the bad news for citizens of Monaco is that they can’t really gamble in this paradise. In fact, princess Caroline made gambling illegal for Monaco’s citizens from the mid-1850s.

But why?

Because princess Caroline wanted to generate revenue from this casino from the foreign players so not a single dime of its citizens’ wastes. But there’s a perk of it too. Its citizens no longer have to pay income tax returns.

Die-hard Gamblers Literally Peed Over The Casino

Two man in casino
4 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Casino World

Sometimes, people are just so addicted to gambling that they go overboard. They would literally pee over their clothes or wear a baby diaper just for the sake of gambling. That’s because they’re so addicted to it that they find it difficult to stop gambling.

In 2007, an Indiana man filed a complaint against the casino saying that he has to sit in a seat that was totally soaked up in someone else’s pee. If you think that’s weird, then this one will blow your mind, In 2015, a person from New Jersey was so addicted to playing that he peed in the coin slot of the machine.

Sandwich Is A Casino Thing

People say that John Montagu was so addicted to gambling, he didn’t even want to go and eat his meal. Instead, he asked the servant to bring some meat between the slices of bread. And because he was the earl of sandwich, he named it a sandwich.

While this might not be true, but he really did like to experiment with food and he’s not a gambling-addict at all.

Later on, this food spread all over Europe and that’s the real story of the way sandwich was born.

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