3 More Tips To Win More Money Playing Poker Live

3 More Tips To Win More Money Playing Poker Live

Making a large amount of money every hour playing live poker can be tricky as hell. Although the rules of the game are still the same, the live version is still quite different. You have to deal with the blank faces staring at you all the time. And if that’s not enough, the whole environment around you can make you nervous if not freak out.

However, a great thing about live poker is that your chances of winning the games are a lot higher than their online counterparts.

With a few tricks and a little careful observation, you can really win it big in the game’s live format. In this article, we’re going to share 3 more tips to win money playing poker live.

Let’s dig in.

Look Out For Softer Tables

3 More Tips To Win More Money Playing Poker Live
3 More Tips To Win More Money Playing Poker Live

When you play live poker, you won’t have much time to play in many games. That’s why to make more money, you need to make the most out of your opportunity. Sure, playing with tougher guys is fun and a great learning experience. But if you always hang around them, you might not make much money anyway.

That’s why you have to look for the tables with novice or weaker players and just go for it.

Go to a certain table if you see one or more of these things:

  • Players playing poker while drinking alcohol.
  • A group of people who are just looking to spend a good time.
  • Players who are way too loud.
  • A table with many pots.

Also, make sure you play when people do not play in an excessively serious manner. For example, play during the late night when most of the players are drunk and win the game. This will definitely help you make more money.

Check Your Mouth

What is the one thing you should never do when you’re playing live poker? That’s opening your mouth way too much that it needed to be. When you speak way too much, you not only risk revealing your cards or tactics, but you might also stop bad players from making bad moves. Plus, it’s annoying to the people around you.

So, even if players suck one of your cards with a bad move that will be the reason for their fall, don’t utter a word. You want them to make the bad moves so you can win and not the opposite. So, let it happen as it is going on.

When someone makes a bad move and thinks that they have made a smart one, just praise them and say that they have made a great move. And rip them apart later.

Make Sure You Play Live Poker Faster

3 More Tips To Win More Money Playing Poker Live
3 More Tips To Win More Money Playing Poker Live

Nowadays, a lot of people doing taking live poker. While it might seem like a great idea to save more time and think about your next move, it actually slows down your speed. let alone the fact that it seriously annoys all the other people around the table.

When you do this, you’re actually playing fewer hands per hour. And this severely affects your total hourly rate of winning. That’s why if you want to become an amazing player, then you must boost your number of hands in play per hour.

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